IQWiG Autumn Symposium

Current and controversial aspects in medicine and health politics are regular topics at the annual Autumn Symposium organised by the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care. The spectrum of speakers is usually as broad as the range of topics and includes epidemiologists and oncologists, as well as health economists and lawyers.

Autumn Symposium 2024

The next Autumn Symposium will take place on 29 November 2024, i.e. it will be a one-day event.

Further information will follow.

Presentations from previous "IQWiG Autumn Symposium" Events

2023: The challenge of Rare Diseases
2022: “Diagnostics: Why ‘accurate’ is not enough”
2021: Commercialization in health care – Time for health economic evaluations?
2020: canceled
2019: Between scalpel and algorithm - evidence-based surgery
2018: Sour fruits from the tree of knowledge? How we communicate evidence
2017: Transfer of evidence – Game without frontiers?
2016: More light than shadow? Beneficial and hindering factors for successful clinical studies
2015: Real-world data for benefit assessments: How can registries and routine data contribute?
2014: Evidence-based health care: Where should the journey go to? / What can IQWiG contribute to the challenges and what can it do better?
2013: Quality of life in health care: Do we know what we are doing?
2012: Cancer: Is everything different? / Can less be more?
2011: Methodology: between regulations and arbitrariness / Personal responsibility
2010: Balancing of benefits and harms in health system decision-making / Data transparency as a precondition to the informed balancing of benefits and harms
2009: Medicine - belief and knowledge / Health care system - experiencing and funding it
2008: Assessment of the Benefits and Harms of Medical Interventions / Science, Society, and the Individual
2007: Knowledge as the basis of physicians' and patients' decision-making / The financial significance of disease and health
2006: Hopes and Errors in Medicine / Costs, Quality and Justice in the Health Care System
2005: Diagnosis, Screening and Patient Oriented Research / Insight and Decision in Medicine