2011: Methodology: between regulations and arbitrariness / Personal responsibility


Friday, 25. November 2011 - Methodology: between regulations and arbitrariness

  •  Assessment of clinical relevance - between 0.2 and medical judgement (German)
  •  Diagnostics and linked evidence - How robust must the chain be? (German)
  •  RCT plus x – Diskussion um eine Unbekannte
  •  Surrogate outcomes - somewhere between indispensable and out of the question (German)
  •  Legal discretion - Medical evaluations and legal normative requirements (German)
  •  After "easy" comes "wrong" - Challenges in scientific journalism (German)

Saturday, 26. Novemeber 2011 - Personal responsibility

There are no documents online for the (German-language) presentation by Dr. Leonhard Hansen: "Was heißt Eigenverantwortung in der Praxis? Einblicke in den ärztlichen Alltag" ("What does personal responsibility mean in practice?").

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