2016: More light than shadow? Beneficial and hindering factors for successful clinical studies


Friday, 25.November 2016

  •  Avoidable gaps in knowledge - why do they occur? (German version)
  •  Barriers and obstacles on the way to more evidence in emergency care: experience from the Triple-A study (German version)
  •  The SPACE-2 study on the treatment of asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis: What were the reasons for its failure? (German version)
  •  When can opiates be discontinued? Challenges and obstacles on the way towards an evidence-based answer (German version)
  •  The perspective of a funding institution: Why studies can fail (German version)
  •  The perspective of the industry: Why studies can fail (German version)

Saturday, 26.November 2016

  •  Germany – a special case? The general framework for clinical studies in Europe (examples) (German version)
  •  From CIMT to HOMECIMT: Why a study succeeded (German version)
  •  FANCY: Success factors in a study on corneal transplantation (German version)
  •  Clinical studies in Germany: Do we need to do more? (German version)

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