Institute Management

Director of the Institute
Dr. med. Thomas Kaiser

Deputy Director of the Institute
N. N.

Responsibilities of the Institute Management

The Institute Management is responsible for the implementation of all duties and responsibilities of the Institute.

Institute management

Dr. med. Thomas Kaiser
N. N.

Assistant to the Institute management

Bettina Reimann
Heike Breitbach
Madeleine Mance

Compliance Officer

Katja Joisten

Internal auditor

Martin Sicking

Scientific Advisor

Dr. rer. nat. Cornelia Rüdig


The International Affairs Unit takes care of the Institute’s interests in an international context. Besides coordinating and maintaining international contacts, this also includes representing the Institute in international committees. Moreover, the Unit collaborates actively in international projects of evidence-based medicine. For instance, it is engaged in the EUnetHTA network promoted by the European Union.

Head of the International Affairs Unit

Dr. med. Alric Rüther


Luz Irene Urbina
Alper Yurdakul

The Communications Unit is the central contact for users of the IQWiG websites and media representatives. It is responsible for the Institute’s public relations work. Staff members provide information on scientific findings on the website They are also in charge of organizing the Institute’s events, e.g. the Autumn Symposium. Moreover, the staff members assist the departments with the composition of scientific texts in English (medical writing) and translate extracts of the IQWiG reports and the website texts on into English.

Head of the Communications Unit

Jens Flintrop


Silvia Arnold
Johannes Batesaki
Susanne Breuer
Dr. oec.troph. Babette Bürger
Julie Gripp
Andrea Janicki
Dr. rer. nat. Andrea Kamphuis
Nelli Klassen
Susanne Madelung
Natalie McGauran
Barbara Möller
Jeanett Weisser

The Quality Assurance Unit has a cross-departmental function and is responsible for the concluding scientific, formal and technical quality assurance of the Institute's products. Its staff members also work on the further development of methods for quality assurance.

Head of the Quality Assurance Unit

Dr. rer. medic. Stefanie Thomas


Verena Bauer
Dietmar Becker
Inga Boldt
Dr. Marie-Luise Brandi
Dr. rer. nat. Nina Castor
Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Gehring
Dr. med. Robert Großelfinger
Markus Hemsing
Petra Lange
Dr. rer. nat. Gregor Moritz
Jochen Stier
Dr. rer. nat. André Wilmer

The Legal Unit is responsible for the legal affairs of the Institute and advises the Institute Management, the departments and the other units on all legal issues. The Legal Unit also acts as the Institute's tendering office and is responsible for the preparation and conduct of national and European award procedures. In addition, the Legal Unit represents the Institute's legal interests. Its main responsibilities are contract and procurement law, copyright law, employment law, foundation law, as well as internet and media law.

Head of the Legal Unit

Martin Schüller


Alice Belz-Gäbel
Kirsten Hedtke
Christiane Hölzer
Silke Jungen
Anne-Kristin Lenk
Petra Ludwig
Sebastian Winter

Publications by IQWiG staff member

On this page you will find published scientific articles (journal articles, monographs, book chapters) by IQWiG staff members, among others on the benefit assessment of medical interventions, on the methods of evidence-based medicine (EBM), on early detection of diseases, and on health information.

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