2019: Between scalpel and algorithm - evidence-based surgery


29. November 2019

  •  Development of clinical-surgical research in the last 30 years (German)
  •  Clinical research starts during your university degree - the SIGMA network (German)
  •  Translation of evidence-based medicine into practice (German)
  •  Comment: the practical side (German)

There are no documents online for the (German-language) presentation by Geraldine Rauch: "Methodische Herausforderungen für klinische Studien in den operativen Fächern" ("Methodological challenges for clinical studies in surgical disciplines").They can be sent on request.

30. November 2019

  •  Evidence-based surgery and guidelines (German)
  •  Legal framework for knowledge gain in surgery and its further development through support systems and AI (German)
  •  ChirNet and the status of surgical clinical research in Germany (German)
  •  Artificial intelligence and robotics in the operating theatre - Still room for EbM? (German)

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