Legal foundations of IQWiG

The Institute was established under the Health Care Reform 2004 as an institution of the Foundation for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care.

Since then the legal foundations and responsibilities of IQWiG have been laid down in the German “Social Code Book V (SGB V) - Statutory Health Insurance”, and adapted and expanded in further health care reforms. In addition, the framework of its work is defined more precisely in the code of procedure of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) and in IQWiG’s methods.

Legal regulations on IQWiG in SGB V:

Code of procedure of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA):

The ’s code of procedure (Section 4) regulates its collaboration with IQWiG.

General commission

The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) awarded a general commission to IQWiG in December 2004, which was extended in March 2008. This allows IQWiG to select topics for scientific evaluation independently. The topics do not have to be approved by the or the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

General commission

Extension of the general commission

Further laws and regulations

Numerous further laws and regulations that directly influence IQWiG’s work have been added since the establishment of the Institute: