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EU HTA Regulation: International preparatory meeting in Cologne

At IQWiG's invitation 41 representatives from European HTA agencies and two from the EU Commission discussed the next steps on the way to joint health technology ass...


Routine practice data collection according to German law when several drugs of the same drug class enter the market: IQWiG presents concept

The Institute recommends platform studies under a master protocol


Methods paper: New version 6.1 becomes effective – English translation now available

The amendments concern, among other things, the approach to evidence searches for clinical practice guidelines. New concept of conclusive effect...


Information Retrieval Meeting 2022: Into the digital age

At IQWiG's invitation, information specialists will discuss the digital transformation of their profession in Cologne in June. A few places are still available.

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InformedHealth.org is the English-language version of the German website Gesundheitsinformation.de. By publishing this bilingual website, IQWiG fulfils part of its legal mandate to inform the general public about health issues. By offering a wide range of different topics, the website addresses both patients and (healthy) consumers.

Benign enlarged prostate

Many middle-aged and older men will know what it's like to have to go to the toilet a lot at night and still feel like their bladder is never really empty. These problems are usually caused by a benign enlarged prostate. Read about the different treatment options.

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is usually the result of repetitive movements or too much strain – for instance, during sports like tennis or when doing manual labor. The main symptom is pain in the outer elbow. Certain treatments can relieve the symptoms somewhat or speed up recovery.