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Ibrutinib with rituximab in previously untreated CLL: indication of added benefit over FCR

The new drug combination prolongs overall survival in patients in good general health. No study data are available for other patient group...


From publication bias to lost in information

In BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, IQWiG researchers call for a central, public and worldwide portal for clinical trials


Heart transplantations: prospects of success increase with larger case volumes

The survival probabilities for patients undergoing surgery are higher in hospitals where heart transplants are performed more frequently.


Secukinumab in children with plaque psoriasis: study unsuitable for benefit assessment

Inappropriate treatment in the control arm makes fair comparison impossible

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Easily understandable information for the general public

InformedHealth.org is the English-language version of the German website Gesundheitsinformation.de. By publishing this bilingual website, IQWiG fulfils part of its legal mandate to inform the general public about health issues. By offering a wide range of different topics, the website addresses both patients and (healthy) consumers.

Health care in Germany

In Germany, it's usually not hard to find medical help if you become ill. There is an extensive network of easily accessible places to go for treatment. But it's still not that easy to navigate the German health care system. Our practical guide is aimed at people from other countries who are living and working in Germany.

Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy is a time of change, especially if it's your first. Parents-to-be may have feelings ranging from joy and hope to worries and anxiety: How will everything go? What will life with a baby be like?