Quality assurance of IQWiG assessments

The evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of medical interventions can have an impact on many areas of medicine. IQWiG's reports therefore meet high scientific quality standards, which we ensure by various quality assurance measures:

  • Guaranteeing independence: We make sure that neither staff members nor external experts have potential conflicts of interest that could give rise to prejudice. Everyone involved in working on an Institute project must therefore disclose all relationships potentially influencing the work and its results.
  • Regular monitoring and updating of the work methods: We regularly monitor and update our work procedures, which everyone interested can read about in our comprehensive methods papers.
  • Involving external experts and patients: To make sure that our assessments represent current expert knowledge, as well as every-day health care conditions and the patients' perspective, we regularly include external experts and the patients' perspective in our assessments.
  • Regular reviews on content and form: Each assessment is subject to several content-related and formal reviews for quality assurance, both within the respective department and in the Quality Assurance Unit.