IQWiG in the media

The press regularly reports on the results of IQWiG's work or asks the Institute’s researchers to comment on current developments and issues. A selection of recent articles is presented below:


Health care: “We need a research agenda geared towards public interest”

In an interview with “heise online”, IQWiG Director Thomas Kaiser argues in favour of setting up a central committee in Germany that aims to develop a research agenda geared towards the public interest and that can award research commissions for this purpose – for example, to a suitably equipped university network.


Connection to the AMNOG process

The European health technology assessment (HTA) process will start in January 2025, initially with the assessment of oncology drugs. In an interview with the German “Presseagentur Gesundheit“ Beate Wieseler notes that the new EU-HTA process cannot be viewed in isolation from the respective health care systems in the member states. Wieseler heads IQWiG's Drug Assessment Department and, as Chair of the "Development of Methodological and Procedural Guidance" subgroup, is a member of the EU Coordination Group for the implementation of the EU HTA process.


More data alone is not enough (German version)

In an interview with the “ersatzkasse” magazine, Thomas Kaiser talks about the importance of evidence and research, how to deal with studies and the impact on health care.


Fact-checking for more transparency (German version)

The magazine "Gesundheit + Gesellschaft" (Health + Society) has published a portrait of IQWiG and an interview with IQWiG Director Thomas Kaiser on evidence generation.


Ideas for solving the evidence dilemma (German version)

There is a gaping evidence hole in the benefit assessment of orphan drugs. International registries for rare diseases could help solve the problem, says IQWiG Director Thomas Kaiser in the Tagesspiegel Background.


We need to get better at evidence generation

In an interview with Deutsches Ärzteblatt, IQWiG-Director Thomas Kaiser explains how evidence can be better communicated in medicine and why other European countries do it better.


Institute based in Cologne's Mediapark answers health questions

In an interview with the newspaper “Kölner Stadtanzeiger”, IQWiG's Director, Thomas Kaiser, explains the tasks of the Cologne-based Institute and why it is of national importance.


Results often remain unpublished

The necessary data for a reliable benefit assessment of many procedures is still lacking. Stefan Sauerland explains in the Tagesspiegel Background what this means for the treatment of patients.


Health checks: Which health checks make sense - and when?

Stefan Sauerland, Head of IQWiG's Department of Non-Drug Interventions, answers these and other questions about the advantages and disadvantages of health checks on Deutschlandfunk radio.


Can screening make you ill?

Klaus Koch, Head of the Department of Health Information at IQWiG, explains in an interview with “Planet Wissen” why not every screening test is beneficial and can also be detrimental.