IQWiG in the media

The press regularly reports on the results of IQWiG's work or asks the Institute’s researchers to comment on current developments and issues. A selection of recent articles is presented below:


"Evidence-based medicine has too little status".

In an interview with Deutsches Ärzteblatt, outgoing IQWiG Director Jürgen Windeler takes stock and explains how much science is heard in politics.


Between scepticism and hope - Does the new Medical Device Regulation make things better?

After several scandals involving medical devices, a new EU regulation came into force in 2021. In the magazine "Gute Pillen - schlechte Pillen" (Good Pills - Bad Pills), Stefan Sauerland, Head of IQWiG's Department of Non-Drug Interventions, explains the benefits of the regulation for patients.

PDF version of the article (German)


"Unfortunately, little appreciation is given to evidence"

At the end of his term as Director of IQWiG, Jürgen Windeler gives a detailed interview to the "Tagesspiegel Background Gesundheit".


The digital twin and other lucky bags of benefit assessments of drugs and non-drug interventions

In a commentary for “Observer Gesundheit”, IQWiG Director Jürgen Windeler discusses the pros and cons of randomised trials. His conclusion: Randomisation cannot be beaten.


Statutory health insurance: What do insurance funds pay and not pay for - and why?

Jürgen Windeler spoke to “Deutschlandfunk Kultur” about questions concerning which services statutory health insurance must, are supposed to, and are allowed to pay for - and who decides on this for patients and on what basis.


Drugs – the money problem

Die ZEIT cites Stefan Lange, IQWiG‘s Deputy Director “In view of the increasingly expensive treatments for rare diseases, the question arises as to how long the health care system will be able to bear the enormous costs.“


Try more evidence

Thomas Kaiser, Head of IQWiG's Drug Assessment Department, emphasizes that the European benefit assessment of drugs will not herald the end of AMNOG, the German assessment procedure.


Corona vaccination: "It's good that someone is finally writing this down so objectively!“

In an interview with RiffReporter, Klaus Koch, Head of IQWiG's Health Information Department, explains how health information considers patients' needs. (