Information Retrieval Meeting (IRM 2024)

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Information Retrieval Meeting 2024 - the next level: mega databases, artificial intelligence and now?

At IQWiG's invitation, international experts will meet in Cologne in April to discuss advances in information retrieval. #IRM2024

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The German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) has invited international experts in the field of information retrieval to discuss artificial intelligence (AI), mega databases, new technical tools, and the foreseeable impact on information retrieval. Workshops with a high degree of practical relevance and personal networking aim to inform and inspire participants to make use of modern digital options in their daily work.

Renowned researchers will answer questions about the technical tools and personal skills required for efficient data management: Aaron Tay from the Singapore Management University will kick things off with his keynote speech on the trends that could drastically change information retrieval in the next decade: mega databases such as Semantic Scholar, and OpenAlex or GPT-based AI tools.

In their workshops, Harrisen Scells from the University of Leipzig will then explain what options Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) already offer, while Ian Shemilt from the EPPI Centre at the University College London will outline the latest advances in using OpenAlex to efficiently and automatically update systematic reviews.

In the afternoon workshops, Rabea Müller from the Central Library of Medicine in Cologne will present the Library Carpentries, a tool for librarians and information specialists, focusing on three programmes: the dynamic and versatile programming language Python, the version management software Git, and the traditional user interface Unix Shell for Unix operating systems. Amy Finnegan from the British HTA agency NICE will present a pilot project for the automated exclusion of non-human studies in searches for scientific literature. She will also discuss with participants how much programming knowledge information specialists should have.

IQWiG's IRM Day will conclude with a joint discussion of questions about the future of information retrieval: Will the new tools abolish the need for information specialists or merely change the job profile - and if so, how?

IRM24 in a nutshell


10:00-10:15 Introduction / Welcome
10:15-11:30 Keynote

Aaron Tay (Singapore Management University)
11:30-11:45 Break
11:45-12:45 Workshop 1:

Harrisen Scells (Leipzig University)
Workshop 2:

Ian Shemilt (EPPI Centre, University College London)
12:45-13:45 Lunchbreak
13:45-14:45 Workshop 3:

Rabea Müller (ZBMed, Cologne)
Workshop 4:

Amy Finnegan (NICE, Manchester)
14:45-15:00 Break
15:00-16:10 Discussion (Aaron Tay & other presenters)
Will these new tools eventually abolish the need for information specialists? How can we adapt?
16:10-16:15 Closing remarks and end of meeting

The “Information Retrieval Meeting (IRM 2022)” has taken place on 10 and 11 June

In our “Information Retrieval Meeting (IRM 2022): Transition into the Digital Age“ we had several inspiring keynotes, oral sessions and workshops about the current developments and practical experiences with digitalization and automation in information retrieval. During these two days, participants from 17 countries shared their practical and scientific knowledge about their challenges and solutions in information retrieval for systematic reviews and HTA reports.

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