2018: Sour fruits from the tree of knowledge? How we communicate evidence


23 November 2017

  •  Effective health communication: basics, barriers and success factors from the perspective of communication science (German)
  •  Communicating evidence – evidence-based and target group-orientated (German)
  •  Fake news, filter bubbles, influencers: conditions for securing evidence on the Internet (German)
  •  Stories for the ears – science communication with podcasts and story telling (German)
  •  Rebutting fake news and myths in the health field – what works? A psychological view (German)

24 November 2017

  •  Evidence-based policy-making? The meaning of scientific findings in political processes (German)
  •  Does complexity incite curiosity? Emotions and evidence in medical journalism (German)
  •  Between precision medicine and symbolic coping: what doctors wish for (German)
  •  Evidence-based health information – does it meet people’s information needs? (German)

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