2012: Cancer: Is everything different? / Can less be more?


Friday, 23. November 2012 - Cancer: Is everything different?

  •  „The king of diseases“: How did the particular attention for patients with cancer come about? (German version)
  •  Medical treatment of cancer patients: Routine or something special? (German version)
  •  Are there differences in the approval of oncologic drugs compared to non-oncologic ones? (German version)
  •  HTA-Perspektiven: Sind Onkologika anders zu bewerten als andere Arzneimittel?
  •  Viewed from the end of life: Is the question „cancer“ relevant to affected patients and carers? (German version)

Saturday, 24. November 2012 - Can less be more?

  •  Is less possible? Status of the discussion in Schweden (German version)
  •  Less would actually be more: Drug therapy in elderly people (German version)
  •  One doesn´t need everything: Evidence-based medicine in practice (German version)
  •  Is less allowed? The corridor between defensive medicine and under-provision of health care (German version)

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