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Do you want to play an active role in shaping health care and only be guided by scientific principles? Then you have come to the right place! We evaluate medical technologies - independently, based on facts and, of course, we are in tune with the times. This enables us to influence important decisions on services provided by statutory health insurance. Our evidence-based health information helps patients understand their health issues and make decisions together with their doctors.

We are driven by the ambition to provide good-quality health care for people in Germany and Europe.

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What we offer

Knowing what for

Knowing what for: We help shape health care in Germany - completely independent of commercial interests.

We keep brain cells working

We keep brain cells working. IQWiG’s reports are scientifically rigorous and address cutting-edge research questions.

work flexibly

We work flexibly in terms of time and location - in the heart of Cologne.

work together in teams

At IQWiG, dedicated people work together in teams. When we look for solutions, the best argument counts.

family service

In difficult life situations, our family service offers support through counselling and mediation services - free of charge and confidential, of course.


We keep up to date. Further training is a matter of course. This includes not only further developing technical and methodological expertise, but also soft skills.

For me as a family man, it's great to be able to organize my time flexibly. I feel at home here and have many great people around me. My work in IT at the Institute is exciting and very varied. I really enjoy it.

Felix Höller, Team leader IT
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Where do we work?

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What can you expect?

We welcome your application, whether you are responding to an advertised vacancy or applying on your own initiative.

If your profile is a good match for IQWiG, we will invite you for a personal interview, which may be by telephone, video or in person. The departments use an individual selection process, which highlights the candidate's skills in relation to the requirements of the position. On our side, the interview is usually attended by managers and/or specialists from the relevant department. It is important for us to get to know each other and find out if we are a good match in a relaxed and open atmosphere.

After the interview, we will contact you as soon as possible. If we are unable to offer you a suitable position at the moment, but think you would fit in well at IQWiG, we will be happy to add you to our pool of applicants, and thank you for your interest and trust in us.

IQWiG's work is based on the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM). This means that health care is based on evidence, not just on opinion and consensus.

In practice, this means that doctors do not rely solely on their own personal experience. Instead, when making treatment recommendations, they also consider current research results. IQWiG's core task is to systematically compile, assess and present research results in an understandable way.

First, IQWiG formulates a research question. It then conducts a systematic search of the international literature for scientific evidence on the benefit of the intervention in question.

This makes it possible to assess how reliable the available evidence on an examination or treatment method actually is. However, applying EBM methods can also reveal gaps in knowledge. This is often just as important in health care. Targeted research can only take place if gaps in knowledge are identified.

IQWiG members of staff receive a competitive salary. This includes a Christmas bonus. There are 30 days of annual leave, and Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are considered public holidays. Other attractive benefits include a company pension scheme, contributions to savings schemes and a subsidized "Deutschlandticket". IQWiG also pays an annual bonus if jointly agreed team targets are met. In addition, all members of staff benefit from the Institute's accident insurance, which also covers private accidents.

Access to a family service is another key benefit. It provides support in difficult life situations. This includes information and advice on how to deal with day-to-day issues, such as finding childcare facilities and looking after relatives in need of care. Advice is free and completely confidential.

The working environment at the Institute is very important to us. Our modern and accessible offices are ergonomically designed. Members of staff have the option of working at standing desks, if required. Each floor has a modern kitchenette and a common area for breaks. By prior arrangement, working from home is possible up to two days a week.

The Institute is currently located in the Kölnturm (Mediapark). In the summer or autumn of 2024 it will move to Cologne-Deutz. The building is still under construction and is located directly on the Rhine. IQWiG's staff can look forward to modern, ergonomically furnished single and double offices, as well as attractive common areas and two roof terraces.

IQWiG members of staff have the opportunity to continuously develop their knowledge through weekly internal training sessions on Mondays and other internal programmes as well as external training opportunities.

IQWiG’s researchers regularly attend scientific conferences. Moreover, we encourage job rotation within the Institute and with other health care organizations, enabling staff to broaden their professional horizons and further develop their soft skills. The experience and knowledge they gain enables them to expand their areas of work. We also support our researchers in publishing their work in international journals.

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