4. Particular therapeutic systems and traditional drugs

The agents of the so-called "particular therapeutic systems" include:

  • herbal drugs
  • homeopathic remedies and
  • anthroposophic remedies

In addition, so-called traditional drugs are available (especially traditional herbal drugs), some of which are not assigned to the particular therapeutic systems.

The above agents do not undergo the usual strict and complex approval procedure for drugs. Most importantly, their efficacy or benefit does not have to be proven by means of controlled studies.

Traditional herbal drugs and homeopathic remedies can be registered. To do so, manufacturers must prove their safety and pharmaceutical quality. In the case of traditional drugs, a pharmacological effect or efficacy needs only to be made plausible by providing evidence of their medical use for at least thirty years.

Food supplements are considered to be food. Just like cosmetic products that are associated with health effects, they do not require any approval or registration at all.

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