Health Information: responsibilities of the department

The Health Information Department provides independent, evidence-based and easily understandable information for patients and the general community.

With this information, IQWiG aims to:

  • enable the general public to make active and informed decisions on health questions,
  • encourage the critical use of health-related services,
  • improve knowledge about physical, mental and emotional health,
  • improve comprehension of medical and scientific information, and
  • enable patients to be supported by their family and friends.

The core project of the department is ist bilingual (DE/EN) website

The staff in the department

  • search and evaluate the evidence in order to identify health topics that are important and of interest to patients,
  • produce specially prepared health information,
  • update and supplement the contents of at regular intervals,
  • produce easily-understood information on IQWiG's final reports,
  • and also handle their own projects commissioned by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) or the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

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