Institute structure

The governing body of the Institute is the Foundation for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care. Its purpose is to promote science and research.

Bodies and committees

The bodies of the foundation are the Foundation Council and the Board of Directors. The Board of Trustees and the Scientific Advisory Board act in an advisory capacity to the Institute. More information on Bodies and committees.

Institute management

Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Windeler has been the Director of the Institute since September 2010. PD Dr. med. Stefan Lange has been Deputy Director since 2005. Prof. Dr. med. Peter T. Sawicki was the Director of the Institute between its establishment in 2004 until 30.08.2010.

The Institute Management, appointed by the Board of Directors, represents IQWiG internally and externally. It is responsible for ensuring that the Institute fulfils its legal obligations and follows the priorities set by the Federal Joint Committee. It is also responsible for keeping within the budget plan and for good management.

Departments and Units

IQWiG is made up of seven departments and four units which hold different responsibilities, both scientific and non-scientific.

Management Committee

The Institute Management, the department and unit heads form the Management Committee. This committee produces and revises the procedures and methods for scientific work and monitors compliance with them. In addition, it decides on the formation of internal project groups and on the award of commissions to external parties.

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