[S16-06] Non-invasive prenatal testing to determine the risk of autosomal trisomies 13, 18 and 21 in high-risk pregnancies



Commission: Commission awarded on 2017-02-16 by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA)
Status:Commission completed
Department/Division:Non-Drug Interventions
Current document:PDF Final report  [PDF, 889 kB] (German version) Further documents
Contact address:to the contact form
Linked projects: [P17-01] Information for health insurance fund members on prenatal testing
Status: Report plan published

Report documents

Report documents

2018-06-27 Final report (German version) 889 kBPDFdownload file
2018-06-27 Documentation of comments on the preliminary report (German version) 2 MBPDFdownload file
2017-12-19 Preliminary report (German version) 854 kBPDFdownload file
2017-06-14 Report plan version 1.0 (German version) 170 kBPDFdownload file
2017-06-14 Documentation and evaluation of comments on the preliminary report plan (German version) 254 kBPDFdownload file
2017-03-30 Preliminary report plan (German version) 162 kBPDFdownload file

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2018-06-27 Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis can reliably detect trisomy 21

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