Contributing expert knowledge

Depending on the field of work, there are various ways in which you can contribute to IQWiG's assessments with your expert knowledge. As a general principle and depending on the scope and content of a commission, an award procedure (“call for tender”) is conducted to commission external experts, e.g. to answer specific questions or collaborate in the production of IQWiG reports.

The following table provides an overview of the fields of work, opportunities for participation, and procedures for experts with medical and/or methodological expert knowledge.

Opportunities for participation for external experts

Field of work What can you do? How can you participate?
Early benefit assessment of drugs (AMNOG), assessment of the potential of non-drug interventions (GKV-VStG), assessments according to §137h SGB V on treatment and examination methods with high-risk class medical devices (GKV-VSG), Informed Health Answer specific questions on therapeutic indications, therapy and every-day health care. You register in our database of external experts.
Benefit assessment of drugs and non-drug interventions, health economic evaluations, and description of health care standards (guidelines, DMPs) Write texts or medical and professional reviews. You participate in our tendering procedure, which we advertise on and via our info service.
Commenting procedure on benefit assessments and health economic evaluations Comment and complement current assessments. You submit a written comment.

Further information on the database of external experts

Further information on comments and tendering procedures:

Current commenting procedures

DeadlineTitle of commissionType of comment
Currently no comment procedures advertised.

Calls for tenders advertised

DeadlinePublic tenders
In general, calls for tenders are published in German. Interested parties can check current calls for tenders on the German website.

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