Non-Drug Interventions: responsibilities of the department

The department mainly assesses medical interventions that are not solely dependent on the use of drugs.

These include, for example, surgical procedures, radiotherapy procedures, and dental treatments, and also more complex interventions that consist of various therapy components combined in one procedure. The department also assesses diagnostic methods and screening tests for the early detection of diseases.

The department staff produce:

  • Benefit assessments of non-drug interventions:
    The benefit assessments are based on the Institute’s systematic search for published and unpublished studies. The results are published as a report or rapid report.
  • Assessments of potential according to the testing regulation:
    In the framework of the testing regulation according to the Structure of Health Care Act of the Statutory Health Insurance (GKV-VStG) and 137e (7) SGB V, manufacturers and providers can apply for the testing of a new examination or treatment method. The assessment of the potential of a new method is part of this testing regulation.
    The assessment of the potential of examination and treatment methods is usually conducted by IQWiG after commissioning by the G-BA. Assessments of potential are part of an administrative procedure conducted by the G-BA. The topics and contents of this procedure are confidential. The results are only published if the G-BA decides on a testing directive for the method and this becomes officially effective. If the G-BA recognizes no potential of a method, the results of the assessment remain confidential and are not published.
  • Assessments according to §137h SGB V:
    The G-BA has to assess certain treatment and examination methods with high-risk class medical devices used in the hospital setting regarding the benefit or potential of the method. In general, the G-BA commissions IQWiG to conduct this assessment. The results of the assessment are published.

In addition, the department works on the further development of the methods for benefit and risk assessment of non-drug interventions. It provides information on IQWiG’s results and methods as well as new scientific findings arising from its work to the expert community and the general public by means of presentations and publications.

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