Information Management: responsibilities of the department

The Information Management Department supports the project work of the other departments and is responsible for the search for published and unpublished studies and other scientific literature (e.g. in bibliographic databases and study registries). For this purpose, staff members develop suitable search strategies. They are also responsible for the provision of the relevant literature and citation management. In addition, the Information Management Department conducts its own projects to further develop information retrieval methods.

Department staff

picture: Dr. Siw Waffenschmidt

Dr. Siw Waffenschmidt

Professional profile

Degree in Sport Sciences at the German Sport University Cologne; 1996 to 2002 General Manager "Gütegemeinschaft Gesundheitssportzentrum e.V.” (Quality Association of the Health and Sport Centre); 2002 to 2005: Scientific Staff Member, Centre for Health, German Sport University Cologne; 2005 to 2008: Scientific Staff Member, Central Library of Sport Sciences, German Sport University Cologne; 2008 to 2011: Research Associate, Drug Assessment Department (Information Management Section); Since December 2011: Head of the Information Management Unit (called Information Management Department since 2022) at IQWiG.

Profile Elke Hausner

Elke Hausner

Professional profile

1995-1998: training as a nurse at the vocational school for nursing at the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg; 2003-2006: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Institute for Nursing Science, University of Witten/Herdecke; 2009-2011: Master of Science in Public Health (Epidemiology), Maastricht University, the Netherlands; since 2006: researcher in the area of information management at IQWiG; since January 2022: Deputy Head of the Information Management Department

Julia Blankartz
Karina Broich
Kaziwa Gharib
Thomas Heise
Tatjana Hermanns
Simone Heß
Claudia Kapp
Jürgen Klostermann
Marco Knelangen
Ulrike Lampert, Dipl.-Dok.
Dr. Annika Orland
Jasper Rüther
Kilian Rüther
Kristin Rütjes
Nadine Sadlowski
Nadine Sänger
Dorothea Sow
Verena Wekemann