Drug assessment: responsibilities of the department

The main responsibility of the department is to assess the benefits and harms of drugs approved in Germany. For this purpose, it compares drugs with each other as well as with non-drug interventions. The aim of these comparisons is to establish which treatment alternative shows which advantages and disadvantages for patients.

In collaboration with external experts, the department prepares

  • early benefit assessments (dossier assessments)
    Dossiers submitted by the drug manufacturer to the G-BA form the basis of early benefit assessments. The results are published in the form of a dossier assessment. These early assessments are the consequence of the regulations set out in the Act on the Reform of the Market for Medicinal Products (AMNOG), which became effective in 2011.
  • benefit assessments (reports, rapid reports)
    These benefit assessments are based on our own systematic search for published and unpublished studies. These results are published as a report or rapid report.

In these assessments the department applies methods and processes adapted to the respective objectives of a project.

Further responsibilities:

  • further development of methods for assessing the benefits and harms of drugs.
  • cooperation in international working groups (especially within the European Network EUNetHTA). 
  • in talks and publications, dissemination of IQWiG's methods and results as well as of other new scientific findings arising from the department's work.

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