In a nutshell 2018: New issue including facts and graphs from IQWiG

The 33-page brochure focuses on international HTA activities

Under the title “In a nutshell”, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) regularly outlines important aspects of its work in concise texts and illustrations – the fourth issue is out now. This year, particular attention is paid to the forms of international health technology assessment (HTA) networking: What are the current international networks and when were they initiated? How is quality assurance performed in the European EUnetHTA network? How important are health economic evaluations in other countries? These IQWiG topics and many others are addressed.

The brochure can be downloaded or ordered as a print version via

AMNOG in the seventh year

Outcome after seven years of early benefit assessments of drugs: IQWiG produced additional addenda to 44 per cent of all assessments; 113 had been conducted by 31 October 2018 alone. Of the 70 orphan drug assessments, eight drugs exceeded the threshold of an annual turnover of 50 million euros. These drugs thus also underwent the procedure of early benefit assessment that applies to all non-orphan drugs. These facts and numerous others on IQWiG’s AMNOG activities can be found in the brochure “In a nutshell 2018”.

What else?

Topic “patient orientation”: On its website, IQWiG offers information on a wide range of medical topics for consumers and patients. How does IQWiG produce these data? This is firmly anchored and accessible to everyone in the IQWiG methods paper. Detailed information on these topics is presented on three double pages. And last but not least, the “big data” topic is addressed: Big data is a colourful term and many people consider it a magic word with an all-embracing promise for solutions. But does it keep this promise? IQWiG approaches the answer to this question in texts and charts.

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