Health Care and Health Economics: responsibilities of the department

The department has two divisions: It identifies and describes health care standards and gaps in health care. It also works on economic research questions concerning the German health care system – both for drug and non-drug interventions and for health care concepts.

The aim of the reports produced in this department is to provide a basis for needs-based health care so as to expose inappropriate or over-/underprovision of health care services.

Usually in collaboration with external experts, the staff members conduct and produce:

  • systematic guideline searches and appraisals for diseases with epidemiological relevance, which, among other things, serve as the basis for the development of new or the updating of existing disease management programmes (DMPs)
  • systematic reviews and analyses of health care issues with the aim of gaining information on the health care situation. This information forms the basis for the development of health care concepts and helps identify possible Research needs
  • dossier assessments according to §35a Social Code Book (SGB) V (assessment of the information on the number of patients and on the costs of treatment provided in the dossier submitted by the drug manufacturer)
  • health economic analyses

Scientific project management for the production of HTA reports is also one of the responsibilities of the department (according to §139b [5] SGB V). These HTA reports are based on topics suggested on the website “ThemenCheck Medizin” (Topic check medicine) by statutory health insurance members and other interested people. These reports always assess benefit and harm of a medical procedure. In addition, the HTA reports can also investigate economic, ethical, legal, social and organizational aspects regarding patient care.

In addition, they further develop scientific methods on the basis of international standards in evidence-based medicine and health economics

  • for the evaluation of the quality of the content and methods of guidelines as well as for the production of guideline synopses
  • for the analyses of health care issues
  • for the production of comprehensive HTA reports and
  • for health economic evaluations

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