Submitting a comment

All interested parties can participate in IQWiG's work by submitting comments, thus providing early information on important arguments, studies or guidelines.

For the following document types, a public commenting procedure (=hearing) is opened on upon publication:

  • report plans (e.g. for benefit assessments of drugs)
  • preliminary reports (e.g. for benefit assessments or guideline synopses)
  • preliminary HTA reports
  • drafts of the General Methods (Methods Paper)

Further commenting options

  • There are also commenting procedures for the early benefit assessment of drugs according to AMNOG (dossier assessment), for assessments of the potential of non-drug interventions, and for assessments according to § 137h SGB V, but these are not carried out by IQWiG, but by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). Information on these commenting procedures can be found on the G-BA website

We provide information on IQWiG's current commenting procedures on our website

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