Other events

In addition to regular events, the workshop with the German Health Research Council (GFR) and the Patient Day was held annually until 2013. IQWiG also held the Symposium “Health Economic Evaluation” in 2008.

GFR Workshop on Benefit Assessments in Health Care

2007 - 2013

A scientific discussion forum on benefit assessments in health care, which was set up jointly with the German Health Research Council (GFR) to discuss aspects of benefit assessments of medical interventions and the impact of such assessments on health care in workshops.

Patient Day: How to find the medical information I need

2011 - 2013

Health and medical topics in an easily understandable form were the focus of the IQWiG Patient Day. After introductory presentations, the topics were discussed in greater depth in two consecutive workshops with plenty of room for personal exchange. These workshops were aimed at people without a medical background, especially patients and their relatives, but also self-help groups and patient representatives.

Symposium “Health Economic Evaluation”


With the support of a group of international health economists, a scientific method was developed to assess not only the pure benefit but also the relationship between the costs and benefits of treatments. This takes into account the extended tasks that the Institute was given by the Health Care Reform (Statutory Health Insurance - Act to Promote Competition, GKV-WSG) in April 2007.

At the IQWiG Symposium “Health Economic Evaluation”, this method was explained in more detail by IQWiG and the members of the international expert panel. It was particularly important to the Institute and the speakers to create a space for constructive discussions on the possibilities and limitations of a health economic evaluation.

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