Focus on clinical trial outcomes

3. Discussion forum on assessing benefit in health care

1. Methodological requirements and practical implications of outcomes in clinical trials

Picture of Prof. Dr. Heiner C. Bucher

Validity of surrogate parameters (German)

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Prof. Dr. Heiner C. Bucher Institute for Clinical Epidemiology, Basle University, hbucher(AT)

Picture of Dr. Peter Kleist

Combined outcomes (German)

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Dr. Peter Kleist Specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine, Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SGPM), peter.m.kleist(AT)

Picture of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Windeler

Relevance of effect sizes (German)

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Windeler MDS (Medical Review Board of the Statutory Health Insurance Funds) Essen, Head of Evidence-Based Medicine Division (until October 2010)

2. Assessment and significance of study outcomes in various fields of medicine

Picture of Prof. Dr. Christian Ohmann

Overview and examples (German)

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Prof. Dr. Christian Ohmann Düsseldorf University, Head of KKS (Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials) Düsseldorf, Christian.Ohmann(AT)

3. Patient-reported study outcomes

Picture of Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohlmann

Latest developments in research and practice (German)

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohlmann Greifswald University, Head of Methods Department in Community Medicine, thomas.kohlmann(AT)


Picture of Dr. Ulrike Faber

Significance of study outcomes for patients (German)

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Dr. Ulrike Faber Patient representative in the G-BA Drugs Subcommittee, ulrikefaber(AT)

Picture of Dr. Katja Matthias

Consequences for evidence-based decisions in health care (German)

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Dr. Katja Matthias G-BA Head Office, Fachberatung-Medizin(AT)

Information on the Joint Discussion Forum held by GFR and IQWiG can also be found on the GFR website (in German).

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