Transferability of trial results to health care

2. Discussion forum on assessing benefit in health care organized by the German health research council [Gesundheitsforschungsrat (GFR)] and IQWiG on 21 October 2008 in Berlin.

I. Introduction to the problem

Main issues: Can trial results be transferred to clinical routine? What factors influence the transfer? If the trial results are not transferred, what effect does this have on clinical routine?

Picture of Prof. Dr. Rutsch

Implementing trial results in clinical practice - using cardiology as an example: drug-eluting stents (German)

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Prof. Dr. Rutsch HELIOS Klinikum, Berlin

Picture of Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Forster

Transferring trial results into daily practice Obstacles, old and new trials (German)

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Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Forster St. Josefskrankenhaus, Freiburg, Johannes.Forster(AT)

Picture of Prof. Dr. med. Petra A. Thürmann

Can trial results from pharmacological interventions be transferred into daily practice? (German)

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Prof. Dr. med. Petra A. Thürmann HELIOS Klinikum Wuppertal,

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Transferring trial results to health care Non-pharmacological interventions (surgery) (German)

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Prof. Dr. H. Bauer German Society for Surgery, Berlin, H.Bauer(AT)

II. Approaches to a solution

Main issue: How can we close the gap between trial results and their transfer to routine health care?

Picture of Prof. Dr. Karl Wegscheider

Transfer of health care results to everyday care - Various qualitative and quantitative research approaches (German)

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Prof. Dr. Karl Wegscheider University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, Institut für Medizinische Biometrie und Epidemiologie, k.wegscheider(AT)

Picture of Prof. Dr. Holger Schünemann

GRADE System: from evidence to recommendation. Description of the system and proposal for transferability of trial results (German)

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Prof. Dr. Holger Schünemann Italian National Cancer Institute "Regina Elena", Rome, schuneh(AT)

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Pragmatic trials within the setting of routine health care as a proposed solution (German)

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Prof. Dr. Norbert Donner-Banzhoff Marburg University, Department for General Medicine, Preventive and Rehabilitation Medicine, donnerba(AT)

III. How benefit assessments and decisions are affected (discussion)

Main issues: What action should be taken in assessing benefit in health care when the external validity of trial results has received a negative assessment? If there is no transfer, does this have an impact on decisions in the health care system (Federal Joint Committee, G-BA)?

Picture of PD Dr. med. Matthias Perleth

Introductory statement to discussion (German)

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PD Dr. med. Matthias Perleth, MPH Federal Joint Committee, Department for Medical Affairs, matthias.perleth(AT)

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