IQWiG Events

The Institute has taken on the task of helping to shape the discussion on the assessment of both the benefit and the cost-benefit relations of medical interventions and their impact on the German health care system. To this end, IQWiG has launched a number of events where people working in the fields of science, industry and politics, as well as patients, can exchange views.

Regular events include:

  • The annual IQWiG Autumn Symposium, which takes place in November
  • the IQWiG in dialogue series of events, and
  • the GFR workshops, which was organized jointly by IQWiG and the German health research council (GFR)
  • the annual Patient Information Day.

In 2008, the Institute also held a symposium on health economic evaluation.

Events 2018

IQWiG in dialogue in Cologne on the 15. June.

IQWiG Autumn Symposium in Cologne on the 23. and 24. November.

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