Information Management: Head of the Information Management Unit

Dr. Siw Waffenschmidt

Dr. Siw Waffenschmidt

Professional profile

Degree in Sport Sciences at the German Sport University Cologne; 1996 to 2002 General Manager "Gütegemeinschaft Gesundheitssportzentrum e.V.” (Quality Association of the Health and Sport Centre); 2002 to 2005: Scientific Staff Member, Centre for Health, German Sport University Cologne; 2005 to 2008: Scientific Staff Member, Central Library of Sport Sciences, German Sport University Cologne; 2008 to 2011: Research Associate, Drug Assessment Department (Information Management Section); 2010: PhD in Sport Sciences (Dr. sportwiss) ; Since December 2011: Head of the Information Management Unit at IQWiG.


  • Supervision of the Information Management Unit
  • Development of comprehensive search strategies for HTA reports
  • Conduct of quality-assured scientific literature searches in biomedical databases, as well as documentation and presentation of search results
  • Examination of the quality of literature searches conducted by third parties
  • Supervision of implementation of literature management software, media management, acquisition of full texts, as well as reference and database management
  • Further development of methodological principles for information retrieval in systematic reviews